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Vehicle Adaptations Offered

Disabled Drivers

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Advanced driving systems

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Drive from wheelchair

Wheelchair user as passenger

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Wheelchair Hoists

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Information and Advice Services


PARAVAN is a leading European company that specialises
in the field of disabled vehicle technology:
PARAVAN is characterised by innovations, quality products and
comprehensive application knowledge that has been gained by
maintaining maximum proximity to our customers.

The pillars of our success are absolute loyalty to
customers, friendliness, courteousness, fairness in everything
we do and constant striving to give all of our customers the mobile
freedom and independence that they are looking for !

Achieving maximum levels of quality and safety for
our customers are the attributes of our name: We are committed to this and
also stand by it. Experience it. Your satisfaction is our motivation.

We will show you:
- How to obtain optimum mobility for the severity of your handicap
- Individual conversions from small cars to large WAV
- More than 800 built-in components and controls
- From simple manual operation to voice activation
- Real strength measurements to ensure that the correct equipment is installed
- Driving capability assessments and driving safety training
- Our own driving school with the car of your choice
- TÜV tested quality and safety